Tehran's Forth Contemporary Artistic Jewlery Exhibition

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چهارمین دوره نمایشگاه جواهرسازی هنری معاصر تهران در نگارخانه آریا به صورت آنلاین از ۱۵ اسفند ۹۹ تا ۳۱ فروردین ۱۴۰۰ برپا شده است. این نمایشگاه در چهارمین دوره برگزاری خود میزبان بیش از سی نفر از هنرمندان می‌باشد که آثار خود را به نمایش و فروش گذارده‌اند.

علاقه‌مندان در کلیه گرایش‌های هنری طرح‌های خود را طی

Contemporary art has provided the opportunity for new perspectives and different attitudes by challenging the classical and modern institutionalized definitions in various media types. Contemporary jewelry provides a creation basis; regarding fundamental concepts related to jewelry (such as material, construction, application, value, etc.) and the centrality of the body as the context. Aria gallery will execute Tehran's fourth contemporary art jewelry event without any limitations on theme or subject. Centrality for participation in this event is contemporary performance with innovations in idea, material, technique, and contact with the body.

Goals and Approaches:

  • Understanding existing potentials of Iranian contemporary artistic jewelry-making and introducing current trends.
  • Understanding contemporary artistic practices in jewelry-making in the field of idea, technology and visual structures.
  • New vision with a creative approach to the selection of materials, composition and making.
  • Attention to the potentials of contemporary jewelry-making as an artistic medium.
  • Sculptural approach and considering the non-decorative potentials of jewelry as an artwork.
  • Providing a Platform to introduce artists in international scenes.

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