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At Internationale Handwerksmesse 2024

Aria Gallery, a Tehran-based contemporary art center established in 1992, is debuting at Handwerk & Design, showcasing Iranian contemporary artistic jewelry-making. Although renowned for its Modernist painting and sculpture approach, the gallery has also been a pivotal force in the contemporary jewelry art scene.

Aria Gallery has curated diverse Modernist exhibitions, including the impactful “Reinterpreting Iranian Modern Art” project. This debut at Handwerk & Design not only introduces Iranian artists to the global stage but also highlights the gallery’s versatile portfolio, expanding into the realm of contemporary jewelry. With a history of organizing exhibitions and classes, the gallery emphasizes a sculptural approach and the non-decorative aspects of jewelry as artwork.

Aria Gallery’s Contemporary Jewelry Department, founded in 2016, has been pivotal in showcasing artworks, announcing five open calls, organizing events, and holding classes, contributing to the growth of contemporary jewelry practices in Iran. This participation aims to introduce Iranian artists to the global stage, fostering their presence internationally.

Presenting 47 works by 11 artists, Aria Gallery’s involvement at Handwerk & Design reflects its commitment to advancing the diverse landscape of Iranian contemporary artistry.

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اعظم قهرمانی

بهارک امیدفر

فاطمه دولت آبادی

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